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Dot Net Application Projects

1 DAP001 Citizen Card System  
2 DAP002 Blood Donation Agent System  
3 DAP003 ICRISAT(International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics)  
4 DAP004 OnLine Air Ticketing System  
5 DAP005 Web based staffing procedure  
6 DAP006

Online Banking - ATM

7 DAP007 Zepline Reservation  
8 DAP008 Quality Management System  
9 DAP009 Marketing Workflow Analysis System  
10 DAP010 Improvement of a net based Conference Program  
11 DAP011 Health Maintenance System  
12 DAP012

Unicode Optical Character Recoganization

13 DAP013 Generic Project Management Portal( GPMP)  
14 DAP014 Cargo Logistics  
15 DAP015

Production Planning System

16 DAP016 Distributed Computing For E-Learing  
17 DAP017 Ap Genco Mailing System  
18 DAP018 Data grid Mgmt portal  
19 DAP019 Backup And Recovery Scheduler  
20 DAP020


21 DAP021 (APSFC) Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation  
22 DAP022

Innovative Security System Through Video Surviellences

23 DAP023 job_portal  
24 DAP024 Inventary chain  
25 DAP025 IT recruitment process  
26 DAP026


27 DAP027 Net Auction  
28 DAP028 Cyber Hotelier  
29 DAP029 Online Books pool System  
30 DAP030 Intelligent Network Backup  
31 DAP031 AD Visualization And Performance ( ADVPA)  
32 DAP032 Online Issue Mgment  
33 DAP033


34 DAP034 Traditionally administrative personnel functions with performance management system  
35 DAP035 (APSA) Advanced Professional Services Automation  
36 DAP036 Unicode OCR System  
37 DAP037 Customer Support Services  
38 DAP038 Ultra App Portal  
39 DAP039 STEGANOGRAPHY - A new technique to hide information within image file  
40 DAP040

Defect Tracking System

41 DAP041 Techno Task Managment System  
42 DAP042 Insurence Broker System  
43 DAP043 warehouse  
44 DAP044 eProperty  
45 DAP045 Web Enabled Estate  
46 DAP046 Customer Query tracking System  
47 DAP047 Web Profiling System  
48 DAP048 Hotel Managment System  
49 DAP049 Books Pool  
50 DAP050 Medical Shop Management System  
51 DAP051

Speech Synthesizer and Recognizer

52 DAP052 Live Meeting Mailing System  
53 DAP053 order processing order  
54 DAP054 eBilling and Invoice System  
55 DAP055 Crime Reporting System  
56 DAP056 Placement Managment System  
57 DAP057 AssetManagement complete  
58 DAP058 Cooking Recipe  
59 DAP059

Issue Management

60 DAP060 greyhound  
61 DAP061 Mining Weighted Association Rules without Pre-assigned Weights  
62 DAP062 Hospital Management  
63 DAP063 Developer Activity Monitor  
64 DAP064 Call Support System  
65 DAP065 Mail Client  
66 DAP066 Air force security using Thumb checker  
67 DAP067 Placement System  
68 DAP068 Task Tracker Arranger System  
69 DAP069 Bug Tracking  
70 DAP070 Alumini Manager
71 DAP071 Diamond_WebHosting  
72 DAP072 Mobile Advertisement System  
73 DAP073 Civil Registry  
74 DAP074 Corporate kiosk  
75 DAP075 expo management system  
76 DAP076 Classifieds Website  
77 DAP077 BSNL  
78 DAP078 Photo Competition Website With Voting  
79 DAP079 Employee Referrendam System  
80 DAP080 Project Controller  
81 DAP081

Industrial Planning And Dispatch System

82 DAP082 Smart Network Profile Manager  
83 DAP083 Exam Experts  
84 DAP084 MailTracker  
85 DAP085

Morpheus Soft - Image Morphing

86 DAP086 Sales & Inventory Management System  
87 DAP087 Enterprise business solutions  
88 DAP088 Photo Competition Website with Voting  
89 DAP089

IMPRO - Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer

90 DAP090 Classifieds Website
91 DAP091 Project Scheduler System  
92 DAP092

Pizza Ordering System

93 DAP093

Digital Signature

94 DAP094 Mining Weighted Association Rules without Pre-assigned Weights  
95 DAP095 Call Center Management System  
96 DAP096 Notepad Editor System  
97 DAP097

Jewellery Shop Maintenance

98 DAP098 MURALI_Quiver Consistent Object Sharing For EdgeServices  
99 DAP099 E-Pricing  
100 DAP100 Campus Selection Process  

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