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Mat Lab


At the end of MatLab Training Course, participants will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Matlab programming and how to use Matlab to write applications

Suggested Audience –   College Students and Software Developers/Programmers

Good to Have

  • Knowledge of C or C++ would be added advantage.

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PART A (Theory)

PART B (Practical)

  1. Introduction to MATLAB
  2. Starting Up
  3. 1.    Introduction to MATLAB   
    2.    Starting Up
    3.    Mat lab as a Calculator   
    4.    Numbers & Formats
    5.    Variables       
    6.    Suppressing output   
    7.    Built-In Functions   
    8.    Vectors   
    9.    Keeping a record   
    10.    Plotting Elementary Functions   
    11.    Keyboard Accelerators   
    12.    Copying to and from Word and other applications
    13.    Script Files   
    14.    Products, Division & Powers of Vectors
    15.    Examples in Plotting   
    16.    Matrices Two-Dimensional Arrays   
    17.    Systems of Linear Equations   
    18.    Characters, Strings and Text   
    19.    Loops   
    20.    Logicals   
    21.    Function m-files   
    22.    Further Built-in Functions
    23.    Plotting Surfaces       
    24.    Timing   
    25.    On-line Documentation   
    26.    Reading and Writing Data Files   
  1. The MATLAB Interface
  2. The Desktop
  3. The Workspace
  4. The Current Directory and Search Path
  5. The Command History Window
  6. M-Files
  7. Script M-Files
  8. Function M-Files
  9. Loops
  10. Presenting Your Results
  11. Publishing an M-File
  12. Diary Files
  13. Interactive M-Files
  14. Wrapping Long Input and Output Lines
  15. Printing and Saving Graphics
  16. M-Books
  17. Fine-Tuning Your M-Files
  18. The MATLAB Interface
  19. The Desktop
  20. The Workspace
  21. The Current Directory and Search Path
  22. The Command History Window
  23. M-Files
  24. Script M-Files
  25. Function M-Files
  26. Loops


      Digital Image Processing

      Bio medical Imaging / Bio metrics

      Satellites Image processing / Remote sensing

      Pattern Recognisation and Machine learning

      Fuzzy logic / Neural Networks


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