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Web Services Workshop/Training Course

At the end of Web Services training course, the participants will be able to :

  • Define a web service
  • Deploy a web service within Apache Axis
  • Understand the SOAP protocol
  • Read and understand SOAP messages passed between server and client
  • Generate, read and understand the Web Services Description Language files
  • Generate, read, and understand Universal Discovery Description and Integration files
  • Work with Web service stubs for both Java and non Java based services
  • Understand where Web services fit in the Java EE framework


1. Introduction to Web Services
  • The role of Web Services
  • The role of SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
  • Java and Web Services

2. Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture

  • What is SOA?
  • The Enterprise Service Bus
  • SOA Service Layers
  • Implementing an SOA

3. Introduction to SOAP

  • Anatomy of a SOAP message
  • SOAP Requests and Responses
  • SOAP Namespaces
  • SOAP Attachments

4. Creating Web Services

  • Introducing Axis2
  • Creating a Web Service Class
  • Creating the Deployment Descriptor
  • Deploying the Web service
  • Testing the Web service

5. Consuming Web Services

  • Using WSDL2Java
  • Working with proxy classes
  • Creating a client application

6. Introduction to XML Schemas

  • XML Schema basics
  • XML Schema namespaces
  • XML Schema and Web Services

7. Web Services Description Language WSDL

  • The role of WSDL
  • The Structure of a WSDL document
  • Generating WSDL documents from Java

8. Creating Interoperable Web Services

  • The WSI Basic Profile
  • Web Service Styles
  • SOAP Encoding
  • Web Service Best Practices


  • The role of UDDI
  • The role of UDDI
  • Accessing Registries

10. JAXR

  • Connecting to a registry
  • Querying a registry
  • Processing the results

11. Web Services Architecture and Design

  • Design best practices
  • WS Profiles
  • WS Profiles

12. The Build Cycle

  • Debugging Web services
  • Testing Web services
  • Monitoring Web services

13. Web Services Security

  • Web services over SSL
  • WS-Security
  • XML Signature
  • XML Encryption

14. REST Based Web services

  • The need for REST
  • Building and Deploying a REST service
  • Consuming a REST service role of WSDL

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