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iOS (iPhone & iPad)



IOS(Object C) Training Course is a hands-on training for designing and building mobile applications. This complete hands-on course encourages participants to build increasingly more sophisticated and meaningful mobile applications for ios.


At the end of Android training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Build their own iPhone Apps
  • Understand how IOS applications work, their life cycle, manifest, Intents, and using external resources
  • Design and develop useful IOS applications with compelling user interfaces by using, extending, and creating their own layouts and Views and using Menus.

Suggested Audience – College Students and Software Developers/Programmers

Good to Have

  • Knowledge of any object-oriented programming language (Java, C++, C, C# etc)

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1. iPhone/iPad OS Frameworks:
  • What is a Framework?
  • Overview of iPhone/ipad SDK Frameworks.
  • Overview of the development tool XCode.(IDE)/ Overview of the Tools and Process.
  • Different state of application.
  • A Hello world app. (how to debug and run the application On simulators).

2. Objective-C(language basics):

  • Basics.(overview of  language, statements and their syntax and its dynamism).
  • Interface and objects.(What is NSObect?)
  • Oops concepts with Objective C overview.(inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism)
  • Properties declaration and Memory Management.
  • Message sending and implementation.
  • Selector.
  • Protocol and delegates.
  • Categories.
  • String.(NSMutableString, NSString).
  • Collection (NSArray,NSSet,NSDictionary).
  • Blocks type.

3. iOS Programming (UI design):

  • Application Delegate (life cycle).
  • UI Catalog (UIView, UIImageView, UIScrollView,UIButton,UITextField, etc.)
  • Navigation Controller .
  • Tab bar Controller.
  • UITableViewController.
  • Implementing with Nib files
  • An app.

4. iOS Programming (Handling Events):

  • Touch Events
  • Gesture Recognizer.
  • Motion Events
  • An app.

5. iOS Programming (database):

  • File writing and reading
  • SQLite.
  • Managing PList.
  • A small app.

6. iOS Programming (Data Downloading and Parsing):

  • NSURLConnection & NSURL
  • JSON/XML  Data parsing.
  • Working with web services
  • UIWebView.
  • A small app.

7.  iOS Programming (Multimedia)

  • Playing Audio & Video
  • Recording Audio & Video


8.  iOS Programming (Thread)

  • What is NSThread.
  • NSOperation Queue.

9. Writing Your First iPhone Application

  • Outlets and Actions
  • Introduction to Interface Builder
  • Using the iPhone/iPad Simulator
  • Extending your Application: Adding an Application Icon


10. Project Lab: Calculator

       Create a Working Calculator App

11. Understanding Views and View Controllers

  • Understanding Views and View Controllers
  • Properties of Views
  • Subviews and Superviews
  • Creating a View Controller
  • Multiple View Controllers
  • Creating Views Programmatically
  • Understanding a View-Based Application
  • Manipulating Views: Moving and Hiding
  • UIImageView – Working with Images
  • Adding Simple Animation
  • Handling Device Rotation and Control Resizing and Repositioning

12. Project Lab: MyMap

  • Understanding Delegates
  • Using the UIPickerView class
  • Reading Data from the Internet

13. Project Lab: The HomeOwner

  • Creating a Navigation-based Application
  • Working with a Table View Controller
  • Populating Data in a Table
  • Handling Row Selection
  • Working with UITextView's
  • Saving an Image to the Photo Album
  • Displaying Alerts

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