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JQuery Jumpstart


At the end of JQuery Training Course, participants will learn:, the participants will:

  • Understand what's about jQuery
  • Be able to add support for jQuery into their own UIs
  • Get how jQuery works: DOM selection, decoration, enhancing
  • Be able to use jQuery's effects, animation, scrolling, and resizing capabilities
  • Learn about jQuery's AJAX facilities and create amazing interactive applications
  • Be able to enhance your forms with hints, autosuggestions, client-side validation
  • Understand jQuery's plugins

Suggested Audience –   College Students and Software Developers/Programmers having knowledge of HTML and JavaScript

Good to Have

  • Knowledge of web application

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1. Overview of jQuery
  • What's jQuery and what's so good about it?
  • Who is using it?
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • jQuery UI and Plugins
2. Getting started with jQuery
  • Downloading and including jQuery
  • Google and Microsoft CDN
  • Developer vs. Production versions (compressed v/s uncompressed)
  • jQuery namespace and jQuery '$' alias
  • Revisiting HTML DOM
  • Debugging jQuery problems
3. Using jQuery
  • Making sure that the page is ready
  • Selections using CSS
  • Multiple item selectors
  • Decorating with CSS
  • Changing styles
  • Adding/removing classes
  • Effects with jQuery (e.g. hiding, revealing, and toggling elements)
  • Basic Animations
  • Callback functions
  • Event handlers
  • Adding and removing HTML elements
  • Modifying content
4. Handling User Scolling
  • The scroll event
  • Floating navigation
  • Scrolling the document
  • Customizing scroll bars
5. Ajax with jQuery
  • Overview of Ajax
  • Loading content asynchronously
  • Fetching JSON data
  • jQuery's Ajax facilities
    • Common settings
    • GET and POST requests
    • Ajax Events
    • Consuming XML
    • Sending HTML form data
  • Loading external scripts dynamically

6. Forms

  • Simple form validation
  • The submit event
  • Validation plugin
  • Form hints


7. Controls
  • Date picker
    • Date validation
  • Sliders
  • Drag and drop
  • Sorting with jQuery UI's sortable
  • Progress bar

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